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Welcome to RAILBLAZA

Please visit our International site to access a wider range of features and products, as well as to find locations that carry RAILBLAZA products near you.

Committed to a Sustainable Future For Adventure Sports

Every year on Earth Day we are reminded to take care of our environment, but here at RAILBLAZA, every day is Earth Day.




At RAILBLAZA, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility and making sustainable choices. At the core of our product design process is an aim to reduce environmental impact. This means we prioritize following what's known as The Three R’s Waste Hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We focus on minimizing materials used, creating spare parts that are easy to replace in order for products to be reused over a long period of time; selecting materials resilient enough for harsh environments but ultimately designed with recyclability in mind at their end-of-life stage - thus completing the sustainable cycle!


In a committed effort to REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE, our team has replaced plastic blister pack packaging with an eco-friendly card made from wood fiber sourced from renewable forestry. Each year this change results in over 60,000 fewer packs of plastic waste production.


In 2018 we invested in in-line recycling in our plastic molding plant, since then we recycle around 10 tons of plastic per year, improving the environment, and making our production more efficient.


We understand the essential importance of preserving our planet for future generations.



Our manufacturing facility is situated in New Zealand - a country with one of the cleanest environments on Earth- and take it upon ourselves to ensure that remains unchanged by taking drastic measures towards sustainability within all aspects of design. From material selection through design process to product packaging, every effort is taken at RAILBLAZA so minimal impact is made onto nature's balance.  New Zealand also prides itself on our renewable energy production, with over 80% of our electricty generated from renewable sources like hydro and geothermal.



Sustainability is a priority when it comes to designing products. We choose plastics that minimize the use of “chemicals of high concern” during production and ensure in-line recycling technology reduces waste. Co-molding processes are avoided as much as possible because these complicate post consumer recycling efforts. Furthermore, we readily provide information about product compositions for transparency purposes which sometimes raises costs but always supports ecological objectives first.






Effective packaging is key when striving to reduce costs and environmental waste. During the design phase, we prioritize cardboard over plastics for packing purposes whenever possible. In addition, an innovative approach to recycle cable ties has enabled us cut down on landfill significantly; transforming offcuts into usable materials with a simple process shift!



Reusing materials is now embedded in the company culture! Our employees are taking action by bringing plastic containers from their own homes to be reused, setting an example for others. Even our suppliers adopted this mission and work with us towards a more sustainable future. By joining forces, small steps can lead up to big impact - proving that together we have great power to create positive change.


At RAILBLAZA, We thank you for being part of this mission as we continue our journey towards continuous improvement — creating lasting value that benefits us all.

Thank you!